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The CHAMMP Approach

Our approach emphasizes use of behavioral health interventions that are effective across mental health, substance use, and medical diagnoses. We also help to create solutions for common social and psychological issues facing disadvantaged populations, i.e. "the social determinants of health". The CHAMMP approach encompasses but reaches beyond, both the "medical model" which emphasizes prescriptive medical solutions (e.g. psychopharmacology) and a "systems model" which targets multiple social factors that contribute to sustain poverty, discrimination, and unequal access to opportunity.

Our skills-based, educational interventions aim to improve affected individuals' ability to participate in their own health care by: increasing motivation, optimizing coping and available support, increasing self-efficacy and behavioral activation, and creatively solving life’s problems. While CHAMMP also focuses on understanding and improving policies that lead to longer term social and political solutions, our approach is to first provide proactive and effective strategies that help individuals improve their lives in the short term, allowing them to take full advantage of whatever medical, psychological, and social resources are available.