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Trainee Travel

You are provided with travel funding for conferences and meetings each year, as indicated in your welcome letter and statement of appointment. Please be sure to review the University of Washington's travel site and follow all procedures. Questions, please contact the Program Coordinator at (206) 744-1764 or

Trainee Purchases and Reimbursements for Supplies

You are provided with a small fund for research supplies and expenses each year, as indicated in your welcome letter and statement of appointment. Please follow these procedures:

  • Prior Approval: please obtain prior approval for all purchases. Check with the Program Coordinator, who will obtain authorization from Peter Roy-Byrne if necessary.
  • Department Purchases: in some cases, you may ask the Program Coordinator to make the purchase on the Department credit card, if the purchase can be made over the internet or by telephone.
  • Reimbursement for Purchases: if you purchase the item yourself, please bring the receipt to the Program Coordinator, who will fill out a check request form or a petty cash form, obtain your signature on the form, and submit it on your behalf.
  • Questions: please feel free to check in with the Program Coordinator with any questions you may have about purchases or expense reimbursements: (206) 744-1764 or

Trainee Health Insurance

Health insurance is provided with the premiums paid by the grant.  Trainees  will be covered by the UW Faculty/Staff Insurance Programs.

Student Life Resources

For information about student life (housing on and off campus, meals, communiting, parking, etc.), visit the Graduate School Student Life web resources.

Childcare Assistance Program

The University of Washington has a childcare assistance program for eligible students. Please visit their web site at

Trainee Payroll and Tax Information

Trainee stipend amounts are determined annually by the NIH and are detailed in the Statement of Training Appointment notices you will sign each year at the start of your appointment.

Note on Tax Withholding: the University of Washington does not withhold federal taxes, social security, etc., from stipend checks. In many instances, however, stipend amounts are considered taxable income. Trainees should consult the
UW's Student Tax Information page along with IRS Publication 970: Scholarships and Fellowships, and all trainees should definitely plan for any potential tax liability. In January of each year, the UW will send you a form 1098-T to report stipend income to the IRS.

Trainee Tuition Benefit

If approved trainee tuition and fees are paid by the training grant, with the exception of certain ineligible fees (including the uPASS fee, the student activities fee, and the student technology fee). Trainees should expect to pay approximately $200.00 per quarter out of pocket for these fees. Before enrolling please contact the Program Coordinator at (206) 744-1764 or

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