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Program Evaluation

One of CHAMMP’s key goals is to conduct state-of-the art program evaluation of state, county, and other publicly-funded programs in the service of facilitating broader implementation of effective practices in community programs as well as informing policy development and decisions.   Evaluations are based on the use of quantitative and qualitative methods as well as technologies such as administrative data linking.  

An important element of program evaluation is the opportunity to partner with a number of state, county, and community organizations and, in so doing, strengthen relationships with them.  Key state, county, and community organizations with whom CHAMMP has or is currently collaborating include:

  • State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Health and Recovery Services Administration, including the 
    • Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) formerly know as the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) and the Mental Health Division (MHD)
    • Division of Medical Assistance
  • Governor’s Office through the Mental Health Transformation Grant
  • Public Health-Seattle & King County
  • Community Health Plan of Washington
  • United Way of King County

In addition, through collaboration on specific program evaluations, CHAMMP has the opportunity to strengthen ties with the following University of Washington-based programs which share CHAMMP’s priority to partner with the state, county, and community:

  • The Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions Program (AIMS)
  • Washington Institute for Mental Health Research and Training (WIMHRT)
  • The Division of Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy (PBHJP)
CHAMMP’s ties with state and county organizations are directly supportive of the Harborview Medical Center Board of Trustee's, Mental Health Task Force’s intent to expand Harborview's participation in the King County and state mental health systems.