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Motivational Interviewing with Injured Trauma Patients

Fellows will have the opportunity to work with Dr. Chris Dunn, a psychologist specializing in the application of Motivational Interviewing to substance abuse.  Opportunities include the following:

  • Undergo "watch one, try one" one-on-one training with Dr. Dunn during clinical rounds at bedside in Harborview, two hours per week.
  • Perform routine clinical screening for risky drinking and provide routine bedside brief interventions with injured trauma patients who were intoxicated at the time of their injuries.
  • Co-teach MI with Dr. Dunn in the medical school.
  • Learn the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity scoring system.
  • Participate in any research activities pertaining to the above areas that may come up in the meantime.
Dr. Dunn is currently working on three separate grants concerning MI. He also runs the Harborview Brief Intervention Service, the forerunner of brief intervention services in all level 1 U.S. Trauma Centers. This clinical service screens all injured trauma patients for acute alcohol intoxication and performs MI brief interventions with them, thereby reducing their chances of a future alcohol-related injury by 47% (Gentilello, 1999).